Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pushing Off

Back from vacation. Triathlon run. Getting back in the swing of things, including posting here again!

Look for me again later this week!

Monday, August 03, 2015


I love artisan shows. So when M found a free admission show of Quebec artisans at the Vieux-Port in Quebec City, we were all over it. 

I didn't get much, but I am pleased with what I got. A pair of wooden hoop earrings from Le Forestier and a stoneware plate from the Sisters of the Monasteries of Bethlehem outside of Montreal. I have been looking for a handmade plate for years. Bowls and cups are not hard to find, and I have at least my fair share of those. But plates are more rare. 

And so, there they are. 

Sunday, August 02, 2015


It was a busy few days! It's funny how re-committing to regular posting also means committing to not beating myself up when we run into a few days where I don't post.

But it was a few days full of friends, food, fun, and whatever word starts with "f" that can possibly sum up what happens at a Nordic Spa. 

Perhaps "ferfection?" And now, it is a lazy Sunday morning in Quebec. We have an afternoon at an outdoor artisan craft show down in the Old Port planned. And the boy is back from camp, which he did not want to leave. Mission accomplished!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday, feels like a Friday!

Today was my last day at work before my summer vacation. As such, it was a touch insane. I am trying to decide if I can pretend that making sure I post to the blog before midnight counts as "creating a relaxing bedtime routine" for the purposes of the 30-Day Minimalism Challenge. What do you think? I know I certainly feel relaxed!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Practice run

This morning, I did a little fake triathlon. I am registered to do a real triathlon (well, a "real" "triathlon") on August 22. Not one to like going into something like that blind, I mapped my circuits on Gmaps Pedometer so I could bike up to the pool, swim my 400m, bike in a 10km loop from the pool back to my house, then run a much smaller 2.5km loop from my house back to my house. 

The result was well within the range of my expectations:

Alright! Bring it, Toronto Island! I am ready for you! And I will cover you in no more than 60 minutes!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 4

So the other day I mentioned the 30-Day Minimalism Challenge. Today was the fourth day. So far, so good! This is what I have done so far:

  • Streamline your reading list: I went from 30 books checked out and 35 books on my hold list to 5 books checked out and 10 books on my hold list.
  • Turn off notifications: I was really surprised to see how many notifications I still had turned on, to be honest! My phone's battery lasts a lot longer now that I have turned off all but the most essential notifications.
  • Go bare-faced: I know what you are thinking. You are thinking "but you don't wear makeup anyway!" That is correct. So to qualify for bare-faced, I went without a shower and didn't use any hair product!
  • No email or social media before lunch: I used the fact that I was in training at work from the start of my day until noon as a bit of cheat on this one today. But it does mean that I didn't check my email or any social media this morning before I went to work. Which is sometimes a problem for me...
Tomorrow, I think I might tackle "Practice single-tasking." You know, picking one thing and then actually sticking with it until it is done. This is also something that can occasionally be difficult for me.

Also tomorrow, I am going to be doing a little practice triathlon. I am registered for a proper Give-It-A-Tri on August 22, so I am going to mimic the distances tomorrow morning. 400 meters in the pool, 10 kilometres on the bike, and a 2.5 kilometre run. I am guessing that this will take me about an hour. I should still have enough time to get ready for work! I might do nothing but sleep all day once I get there. But if that is my single task that I have decided to get done, I suppose that will still count for the minimalism challenge!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Just another summer Sunday

This morning we dropped Signal off to take the bus to his first week at sleep-away camp. He dragged his overly large duffle to the bag of the commandeered school bus, had his hair checked for lice (he was clear!), then boarded the bus with a whole bunch of other kids, bound for the wilderness! He should be settling down into bed for his first night at Camp Ten Oaks. We haven't gotten a phone call (from camp anyway) yet, so we assume that all must be well.

After drop-off and grocery shopping, M and I went to the Toronto Festival of Beer down at Exhibition Place with JB.  We wandered around in the hot sun, ate pretzels and poutine, and drank many tiny samples of beer and cider.  Despite being sponsored by some big corporate beer names, there was a very strong craft and international presence, and we got some tasty tasty locals, as well as some craft brews from as far afield as Ireland. Highlights included: White Fog wheat beer from Cassel Brewery; Asystole Double IPA from Rainhard Brewing; and Solstice Saison and Brimstone Licorice Porter, both from Flying Monkeys.

And now, we are sitting on the couch, watching "Orange is the New Black" at a time of night when we would normally be watching Minecraft videos on YouTube or getting the child into bed. At some point, I should do the dishes, since apparently those still accumulate, even with the child gone...