Saturday, April 08, 2006


so this past wednesday, i attended a class on scrapbooking. it was actually called "scrapbooking on the wall," and it was a workshop on making a scrapbook page and mounting it on a canvas. i took a picture of my grandparents (paternal) to use. this is the result:

i am really pleased with it. the colours are much more vibrant than the photo would imply. much to my (somewhat) surprise, i really really had a good time doing it. i mean, not that i thought it would be sumb - if i had i wouldn't have signed up, right? but i did not expect to have as much fun as i did. so i have these two other photos - one of granddad holding a little bass he caught, and one of granddad and me sharing an eskimo kiss when i am, like, 2 years old - and i think that i am going to do them next, and then i will have this little trio of photos all done up that i can hang to commemorate my granddad. (he died just under a year ago.)

and then, today while home icky from work, i finished my second knitted christmas gift - a pair of arm-warmers for kg. her sisters will have similar pairs as well, when all is said and done! here is what the first pair looks like:

i like them - they are pretty straightforward to knit. the black portion on this pair was knit in seed stitch. i think that i will do each with a different stitch in the body, and the edgings (the red on these - it will be yellow and orange on the others) in 1x1 rib. here i come christmas!

so that's what i've done this afternoon.


and sneezed and coughed.

and sniffled.

but i like the knitting best...

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