Thursday, April 06, 2006

the road to hell

so i went home with my ibsen, tatty though it was (bad omen 1), intent on reading "hedda gabler" before returning to work this afternoon, so i would have a good solid foundation in the play on which my blog name is a play.

i sat upon my couch.

i opened the book.

it fell open to a part where the pages were torn completely away from the spine (bad omen 2).
mental note: give hui ping this book when i am done reading the play so she can reorder it (i work in a public library. hui ping is in charge of the 800s (literature in Melvil Dewey's tidy little world)).

i saw that the page on the right said "hedda gabler" at the top.

i flipped back a few pages.

i saw that the page on the right said "the wild duck" at the top (bad omen 3).

i flipped forward a few pages, to the gaping spine spot.

i saw that the page on the right said "155."

i saw that the page on the left said "152."

fulfillment of omens occurs here.

so i am missing the first page or two of "hedda gabler." i cannot really read it without them. or that is my excuse anyway. i read a synopsis. it sounded depressing. though i can understand why actresses might be compelled to play her. oh well.

so now i have a blog with a literarily-influenced title and no literary knowledge to back it up. which, when i think about why i started this damn thing to begin with, is pretty apropo!

see, i thought i might write "hedda dabbler" because i am constantly starting and stopping and starting and stopping new things. and occasionally a new thing sticks. and sometimes it sticks for awhile and then falls away and then flies back and sticks again. in a word, i am a dabbler! so i thought that instead of having a comic and a knitting zine and a knitting blog and a zine of haiku and a zine of short plays, i might have this one blog, to which i am committed to writing on at least once a day, in which i can post all things - knitting, comics, poems, plays, whatnot.

so here it is, second day, second post. i am doing pretty well so far!

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