Saturday, April 08, 2006

well, crap

we are only four days into this blog, and i already forgot to post one day. geez. you begin to understand perhaps why i struggled with a daily comic strip.

no charles schulz am i.

must forgive self.
must get over it.

called in sick to work today, because it is that time of year when my allergies and the weather conspire to keep me miserable. my allergies adjust to the sunny warmth that pops open pollen pods all over the city, only to have the weather swing back to to freezing with icky rain, which basically leaves with a head full of snot. ick.

i can't wait for may.

ol' t.s. was right. april really is the cruelest month.

so i didn't post yesterday, because i forgot, because i spend the whole day at es's house (her initials - e.s. - not her name), whipping up cakes with williams sonoma easter bakeware and venturing tentatively into the world of "kingdom hearts."

i am addicted.

to both cake AND "kingdom hearts."

of course, "kingdom heats 2" is out now. which pretty well defines my technical addictions - about 2 to 3 years behind those in the know.

i comfort myself knowing that i jumped on the ipod shuffle bandwagon early.

so that is all for now. as i am truly penitent, i will post a second time today, to make up for yesterday's profligacy.

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