Thursday, May 18, 2006

what is the best excuse for knitting?

really, there are so many good excuses to knit! but really, a baby is just such a good one! you can make all the things that you make for adults, but they are smaller, and easier!

so we have some projects in the pipeline (as well as a baby in the pipeline!):

the above is the blue sky baby set pattern (blanket, sweater, hat). instead of using the organic cotton in neutrals, though, i am using the blue sky dyed cotton in purply-purple, minty-limey green, and springy-sunny yellow. the blanket has the purply-purple border with the minty-limey centre. the sweater and hat will be in the springy-sunny yellow. and you can't see it too well in the photo, but the stitch pattern for this set is SO COOL, and so EASY to do, unless you struggle with knit-through-back-loop (like i do), but then it is still pretty easy. i will try to do a close-up of the stitch pattern sometime. (pattern and yarn purchased at lettuce knit.)

now this one, this one is m's project. she is the sock and mitten queen of THIS household! we were at the knit cafe last night for our occasional wednesday knitting session (this week: me, m, l, and e - no a - we missed you!). and they had this little pattern for booties out of this lovely angora. so we went red. those should knit up fast, and since the lemur (our baby's odd animal nickname) is due in late november, it will need nice warm angora booties to keep its tootsies warm when we take it to church on christmas eve! and finally:

[sorry - moment of excitement! just heard in the background on "live with regis and kelly" that the hippies won the amazing race last night! hooray! we missed the LAST SHOW because of knitting! but we so wanted the hippies to win! good for them!]

okay, back to knitting... also at the knit cafe last night i found this pattern for a patchwork blanket knit from brown sheep bulky. now, i know what you are thinking. you are thinking - but you are already knitting the lemur a blanket. yes, but that is a cotton blanket - an indoor, decorative, not remotely appropriate for a canadian winter blanket. this one will be a WOOL blanket. and a wool blanket in limeade, lemon drop, red baron, and sapphire. yummy!

that is all for now. i must run and clean the guinea pig cage and scoop the cat box and finish the dishes and get ready for work and go to the bank and the post office.

or just go knit until the last minute, have a quick and dirty shower, and run to work.

you decide which is most likely!

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amanda said...

doh! i totally forgot about the knit cafe last night! i suck.