Thursday, June 29, 2006

and to top it all off, i'm sick!

so, this afternoon, at just about the time i am expecting m to come in from work (i left work this morning after 1.5 hours because i have the mother of all summer colds), the phone rings.

me: "hello?"
m (shrieking a little bit): "i just had a tire blow out!"
me: "where are you?"
m (still shrieking): "at the corner of bathurst and clark!"
me: "where at the corner? next to the curb on clark?"
m (now sobbing): "i am in the middle part - on the yellow lines!"
me (trying to calm her down): "okay, well do you think you can drive the car into the synagogue parking lot?"
m (sobbing): "i don't know! can i drive it with a flat tire!"
me (trying to bring some reason to the conversation): "well, do you think you can change the tire where you are?"
m (approaching the edge of hysteria): "no!!!"
me (trying to make a logical conclusion obvious): "okay, then, well, while it is not good to drive on a rim, if i won't be able to change the tire where you are, then you need to move the car to that parking lot. i will walk down there to meet you. it will take me about 25 minutes. okay?"
m (calming): "okay!"

so i grabbed $2.50, on the off chance that as i passed the bus stop the bus would be there, and i headed out. mind you, again, i have the mother of all summer colds. my nose is halfway plugged at all times. i find it slightly difficult to breathe. i have a terrible chest cough.

so i get halfway up the block to the first major intersection, and i see that the bus is in the left turn lane. (the bus stop is just past the left turn onto the street on which i am currently walking, but on the other side of a major street from me...) so i start to run. perhaps you do not understand the true significance of this moment... i (myself, moi) start to run. (i don't run.) i ran to the corner. i hit the corner just as the light went yellow. i started to run across the street as the car in front of the bus turned left. as i hit the middle, the light went red, and the bus turned against the light. right about this point i realize that i am running across the street against the light in front of a police officer. i keep running. i make it to the bus stop just as the bus screams to a stop.

as i pull my fistful of change out of my pocket while getting on the bus, i think i hear a dime hit the ground. however, if the bus driver heard it, he took pity on my slightly fatty, snotty, wheezy, coughing self, and he let me ride anyway.

five minutes later, i am off the bus in the synagogue parking lot letting all my weight hang on the lug-wrench trying to loosen the nuts that have been tightened with a pneumatic drill.

alas, no luck.

so we called ford roadside assistance, who send a caa guy with his truck bed full of toys. he changed the tire in about 47 seconds, and all is well.

except that it looks like the tire blew because someone vandalized the two driver-side tires while m was at work today. which really gets under my skin.

whew. i'm going to go wheeze my evening away on the couch.

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