Wednesday, June 14, 2006

better ways to start a wednesday

last night was a good night.
e came over and helped me schlep some furniture around and vacuum the collected cat hair up.
then we ate pizza with m.

then m and i went to sleep in our newly reorganized bedroom.

this morning i was supposed to finish loading all my clothes from my old dresser to the other one, the one in our room - i am going to be able to get dressed in my own bedroom. and i was supposed to move the clothes from the second bedroom closet to my armoire in the bedroom. and i was even thinking that i might get started on straightening up the closet floors - the next big project...

then, this morning, the guinea pig died.
it was not a total surprise.
i had taken him to the vet on monday morning because he was acting oddly - not eating, not drinking. they gave him antibiotics, which we were giving him faithfully, to no effect.

so this is the second pet death is just over two months.

it can wear you down.

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