Sunday, June 18, 2006


so here it is - m's belly at 17 weeks (roughly):

at this point, the "big" question is: is there more than one in there? m hopes not! we should find out more definitively on tuesday at the midwives. they should be able to talk about hcg levels and at this point, if there are two heartbeats, they should be able to find them both distinctly on the doppler. of course, july 4 is the ultrasound, so that should be even more definitive.

watch this space for more updates!

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Douglasse said...

If you do have twins, you will of course have to separate them at birth so that Lord Vader doesn't take them both to the dark side. One can live on the planet Alderan with Senator Organa, and the other with Uncle Owen on...

...oh, wait, I got confused with "Star Wars" for a minute. Yeah, that's totally cool, y'all! I can't wait to hear the update.