Saturday, July 01, 2006

first baby? practice on your cat!

yesterday we went to this chi-chi baby store in richmond hill called belly bumps and babies. it was nice. which, of course, is not all the surprising, because it is also chi-chi. regardless. we went there because they carry the two different kinds of baby sling we were considering buying, and we wanted to try them both on. when i say we, of course i mean m. the problem is if we want to both use a sling, we will eventually have to buy a second one... since we are such different sizes!


we tried on the peanut shell sling. it was very nice. the nice young man working in the store even let us stuff a plush puppy into it, just to see what it would be like with some bulk (the bulk of the plush puppy reasonably imitating the bulk of a baby). it was great and wonderful. the new native baby sling did not work so well, being cut a little on the longer torso model.

so we bought the peanut shell. and we brought it home. and we admired it and tried it on for some friends. and we were telling the story of the plush puppy when i spied the cat, lolling around on the coffee table behind the couch. he looked about as bulky as a plush puppy. but he also looked like he weighed more like a small infant (a very small infant, granted, but more like a small infant than the plush puppy had). so i grabbed him and stuffed him into the sling, to see if we could get a feel for what it would be like to have a baby in the sling before the cat made a break for it.

much to our surprise, he settled in and just sat there contentedly. really, until i took him out of the sling, zeus seemed to have no intention of ever going anywhere else. one of our friends commented that if we really wanted to make zeus feel displaced when the baby arrives, we should start putting diapers on him until the baby comes.

i think not, but he does look cute in the sling, eh?

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