Thursday, June 08, 2006

let us forget that last formatting nightmare!

this week's reading picks:

- the jungle, by upton sinclair, adapted by peter kuper (art: A+, story adaptation: B)
- the teacher's funeral: a comedy in three acts, by richard peck (A)
- uncle sam, by steve darnall and alex ross (art: A+, story: A)
- only the ring finger knows, by satoru kannagi and hotaru odagiri (art: A-, story: A)
- i was a child of holocaust survivors, by bernice eisenstein (art: A++, story: A++)

you will notice that some have both art and story ratings. those are for comics/graphic novels/manga or books that have a heavy illustration component (i.e. the eisenstein book).

i am doing well on my reading pledge.
not doing too badly on my blogging pledge.
also doing well on the making the bed pledge.

all around good fortnight for me so far!

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