Sunday, June 18, 2006

this week's reading list

night fisher by r. kikuo johnson (story: A+, artwork: A+)
jay's days: my life as a cartoon by jason marcy (story: A, artwork: A)
grampa and julie: shark hunters by jef czekaj (story: A, artwork: A++)

i tried reading some real novels this week, but that was just not going on. and i dabbled in a little bit of nonfiction, but i figure if i can get 1/3 to 1/2 through something and then put it down and walk away, it is time to return it to the library.

instead of reading so much, i worked on the house. cleaning, moving furniture, organizing closets, getting rid of junk and stuff we don't need anymore. the second bedroom has become the baby's room in my mind. and half of it is organized as such (dresser, bookshelf with baby/kid books on it, james kochalka painting, rocking chair, kevin huizenga print, with all the other bollocks shoved over on the other wall until i can deal with it. i rearranged our bedroom as well (with the help of e - thank you!), and for the first time since we lived on ave du parc with h, all of my clothes are in my bedroom as well! hurrah! moved my drawing table out to the living room, put up my random posters/artwork that i have been hoarding until i could put it up, shifted the living room slightly (now that the pig is gone, some room is cleared up...), and i even hung up my tim doyle painting in our bedroom (photo will be forthcoming).

i also, in the midst of all this positive house energy, managed to break our hot water faucet in the kitchen. so i have been having to do all the dishes in ice-cold water.

they don't dry as well.

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