Wednesday, July 12, 2006

buy some toys 'r' us stock! quick!

so the style of both travel system (stroller + car seat) and playard (playpen + bassinet) that we wanted came in at toys 'r' us this week.

and we received a pleasant surprise of a tax refund today.

so off we toddled to the 'r'us... (and we picked up a package at the post office as well...)

here's what we got:

the giant box is the travel system. this little box is the playard. and the box on top is the bouncer from k, i, and d (thanks, guys - a proper thank you note will be forthcoming at some indeterminate date in the future!).

that travel system? 46 pounds in a great big box. i had to pull it down the hall. i think that graco should consider putting the stroller wheels on the box itself.

if you would like to see a better representation of the colour scheme that we chose (it is called "oakwood"), you can take a look here.

in other baby news, on friday night, i thought that i felt the baby kick on the outside (of course, that is the ONLY way i can feel the baby kick, as i am not the pregnant one...). it was a little subtle and we had a hard time verifying for sure that i was feeling what melanie was feeling. but then, last night, dude! i think that the lemur must have a drumset in there! BOOM! BA-BOOM! BA-BOOM-BOOM-BA-DOOM!

it is so exciting to be able to feel it now! as it gets more and more real to me, it continues to stay totally un- and surreal to m!


kidletsmum said...

very, very nice stroller system. i sooooo wish i had had the baby carrier car seat. i borrowed a friend's for a few days in alberta... it was heaven! heaven!
way to kick lemur! i wish i could be there to feel ya too (as i suspect m would allow me to molest her belly in hopes of feeling you... but i could be wrong)

Mona said...

Seeing your pictures totally makes me miss being pregnant! I loved opening packages and assembling everything for the baby. It felt like Christmas every day.