Thursday, July 20, 2006

how we spent our weekend

s played mario kart on his nintendo ds, while waiting between dances:

r compared his cell phone to a bunch of teenage girls' cell phones:

d hung out with j and myself (d in centre, j on right, myself on left):

c ate pringles:

and s and i tried to shoot each other behind m's back!

all taken at the emerald isle feis, hosted by the woodgate school in orangeville, ontario, saturday, 15 july 2006.


MadJenny said...

I am loving being feature in the blog! - but was it necessary to publish such an unbelievably horrid picture of moi? Really. Everyone else looks great though - I think the photographer of the shooting behind the heads picture should go pro.
Thanks for inviting me along - it was super good fun, and really neat to see S. dancing this time. His dance on the second stage was especially fantabulous. All the girls from M's old and S's current school were also really good. And, aunt D. is a sweetheart of an aunt. good times.

kidletsmum said...

Looks like you guys had great fun! When Im and I were in Edmonton we went to my great-niece's dance recital. It was called Celtic Fire and we a fundraiser to send some of the girls to the Worlds. It, and these photos of yours, brought back great memories of supporting my sis and our friends at all their events. I know it's a feis, but I don't know the plural!
Miss you! Grow lemur, grow!

kidletsmum said...

are you even remotely serious about the silly songs being on a cd? omg, i have to get one! i also need avenue q. hoping to see it in london in september. just have to do some arranging to pull it off!

kidletsmum said...

would you burn them for me? that would be so great!

i just began the process to join CrazyHipMamas. how long did it take you? did you have to do anything more than submit your site and put their link on your site? i'm very tired and suspect my confusion is due entirely to exhaustion.