Thursday, July 20, 2006

i guess some things are genetic!

so we were watching the finale of canada's next top model last night (or, as it is more popularly known: amanda bynes vs the emotional rollercoaster).

and the lemur went just totally somersault-mad!

the lemur danced!
the lemur jumped!
the lemur threw its weight around!

for the entire hour of the show!

and then, the big reveal, the emotional rollercoaster won!

and the lemur went wild!

so, donor d, be glad to know, your influence is being felt in utero.

p.s. i haven't forgotten that i promised actual content from the weekend. i am just a slacker. but you knew that already...

1 comment:

christinab said...

and i was there, too!

it was a rather joyous occassion reuniting with a lifelong friend and her fabulous and seriously cute preggers wife, eating non-chinese food, drinking beer, watching the leaping lemur while taking in the great canadian entertainment tonight and canada's next top model.

oh, canada!