Tuesday, July 04, 2006

presenting... the lemur!

there he/she is!
we still don't know if it's a boy or a girl (which is what we wanted - to be surprised...).
but we know that it has a spine and two arms and two hands and two legs and a heart and kidneys!

(is it just me, or it that one big head?)

in fact, you can just see in the profile that its two little hands are over its little face - it would not show its face to us, would not move its hands at all!

(strike a pose!)

some of the measurements taken were a little bigger than what is "normal" (or more accurately "average") for how far along we are, but that just means that lemur takes after his donor. 9lbs 10oz at birth anyone?

everything seemed fine, there is only one, and we are off to buy something big for the nursery!


amanda said...

oh! what a sweet little leMuR!! Love the hands over the face. I usually can't make heads nor tails of those images, but that one is so clear - hip hip!

christinab said...

Already camera shy in the womb, eh? No post-birth paparazzi, please! haha

He / She's a BEAUT!!!

Congrats on a healthy pregnancy thus far! :-) Mel, you look GREAT!

Amber said...

that is so awesome...I think ultrasounds are so awesome..that was my favorite thing during my pregnancy....congrats on the beautiful baby.....