Saturday, July 29, 2006


here are some photos that indicate our progress in the nursery (m and i put the crib together tonight - it was slightly traumatic...). this is the view from the door into the room from the hallway (from left to right you have: changing table/dresser, crib, futon, window, little bit of bookshelf and rocking chair, other dresser):

and then this one is from the window, looking at the crib and changing table/dresser (and the box with the stroller/car seat there next to the closet):

then this one, which is a shot of the rocking/library area (the lemur is not even born and it already has TWO bookshelves in its room!) (and, also, i completely apologize for forgetting to reorient the picture! but it takes so long to load pictures to blogger from home that i am going to be lazy and leave it):

the stuff on the wall behind the chair, from left to right: study for "snakes and snails" by deborah carruthers, study for "sugar and spice" by deborah carruthers, dragon poster from 2004 summer reading club, original painting of "peanut butter and jeremy" by james kochalka.

and here is the final photo, the one that i think indicates just HOW MUCH progress we are making:



kidletsmum said...

that room looks amazing! wow! you are so prepared for the lemur! i am impressed! poor imter's room doesn't look nearly so good! (that's a lot of exclamation points, eh?)

MadJenny said...

The room does look awesome! Lucky Lemur's mommies sure are prepared! But you poor things doing all this in a heat wave!

(almost as many ! as K).

Question - if crafty friends of said mommies were potentially thinking of making gifts for Lemur and Lemur's boudoir, would the colours of choice be those in the "study" pictures?

~j.s. (so as not to be confused with the other j.)

christinab said...

wow! amazing how quickly things change in just a couple of weeks! everything looks great! hang in there with the heat ... we're melting here in jersey too!

ru said...

if crafty friends of said mommies were thinking of making gifts, said mommies would be more than happy with items in any colour at all.
said mommies find beauty in every colour (except perhaps lots of purple...)