Monday, July 24, 2006

so you're having a boy?

m and i went shopping yesterday with l for baby clothes and accessories.

l knows she is having a girl. she is lucky, walking around picking up frilly things, cute embroidered jeans, and pink "my daddy loves me" t-shirts.

m and i don't know what we are having. and as a result, everyone assumes that we are having a boy. they think this because, no matter how open-minded we want to be, boy clothes are just more unisex than girls clothes are. therefore, the army green hoody and red "howdy" t-shirt that we picked up for the lemur are all "boys" clothes.

i think if the lemur is a girl, m may go crazy and make me go out and buy little pink things to go with that army green hoody and "boy" jeans. yay.

p.s. regardless of how girlie our maybe-girl might be, she won't ever get a "my daddy loves me" t-shirt.

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kidletsmum said...

Yes, but your little one can wear an I Love My Mommies t-shirt and l's baby can't do that.

I is the kind of baby who gets to wear boy clothes even though we knew she would be a girl. Cuz there are just some darned cute boy clothes! Like the construction jumper we bought her. Or the dump truck overalls. They rock!