Monday, August 07, 2006

bye bye long weekend

it was a good weekend for knitting!
i finished this scarf:

and the kitty took a nap in his cherries box from costco. this is the other kitty - begley. he doesn't get his picture up as often because he always squints when we take his picture, and then he looks retarded instead of cute. but this time, he was asleep, so his eyes were shut already, so that makes him cute:

that's all. we are in mourning for our lost long weekend. we are grieving the going-back-to-work inevitability of tomorrow.


kidletsmum said...

oh, how i miss dear begley! i also miss dealy departed rico. and even zeus who i have never met. fear not zeusie, one day i shall make your acquaintance! probably when i meet the lemur... next summer i hope!
nice scarf too!

MadJenny said...

Nice scarf!

Studies show that librarians are more likely to arrange knitwear in the shape of letters of the alphabet for photographs?