Saturday, August 26, 2006

chronicles of a klutz

this is what has happened so far this week.

- monday, morning, burned right arm on oven taking lunch out (about 2 inch burn)
- monday, afternoon, bleeding hangnail at work, had to apply dodgy fabric bandage
- modnay, night, beginning of allergic reaction on finger tip of left hand ring finger (dodgy bandage to blame)
- tuesday, all day, allergic reaction progresses, terrible itching ensues, finger tip swells up like a giant strawberry
- wednesday, afternoon, fell backwards off yoga ball in living room, smashed right ankle into bookcase, did undetermined damage resulting in persistent soreness to left knee
- wednesday, all day, allergic itching continues, pustules begin forming
- thursday, morning, scratched left forearm on cabinet door corner
- thursday, all day, allergic swelling continues, as does itching, as do pustules
- friday, all day, see thursday, all day
- friday, night, spend $200 on comics (oops!)
- saturday, morning, shaving, received identical nicks on the shin of each leg

don't give this woman a baby!!!

1 comment:

kidletsmum said...

No baby for you! Klutz! I'm still as clumsy as ever... today, one smashed toe... it's purple. Three shaving cuts. Just today. No baby for me either. We should turn ourselves in to social services and warn them of our potential harm to babies!