Thursday, August 17, 2006


m here.

i have taken over from ru to bring you all a very important public announcement. this announcement has to do with my new favourite pregnancy-related product. if you know anyone who is a little pregnant, a lot pregnant, thinking of getting pregnant, or very newly with crying baby, please let them know about this little invention.

it is called the bella band. this ingenious tube of very soft and stretchy material will do many things. it hold up completely unbuttened pants. yep. it really does. i've worn it with unbuttened pants twice to work now, and haven't flashed anyone yet. it also keeps too-big maternity pants/skirts up. it will cover your tummy if your shirt is too short, and i also hear that it is great post-maternity to allow you to wear your favourite jeans again, even if you can't quite get them done up.

i have a black bella band. i picked it up at belly bumps and babies. i am a convert. i would like to get a white one too. they come in different sizes and everything, and lest bigger girls feel left out, are introducing one for sizes 24+ in the fall.

seriously. this product is great.

now back to ru...

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kidletsmum said...

Wow! That does sound great! I'm not pregnant and I want one! Maybe next time...