Wednesday, August 23, 2006

kitty pictures

you know that someday, all these kitty pictures will be replaced. by baby pictures. so we can offend a whole new set of people who think that blogs should be about serious things like ideas and thoughts and politics and truth. i, however, think that my blog, this post at least, should be about kitty pictures!

this is zeus, sleeping sleeping sleeping in the window seat that his grandmother (or m'amie, as she has chosen to be called) sent while we were living in montreal. [an aside: begley just knocked his foam ball under the couch. dumb cat. now it will be two weeks before one of them can squeeze under there to fish it out...]

and here are our boys, zeus and begley, or yin and yang in this picture! they are sharing the cherry flat that i brought home for them from costco. note to all cat- and potential cat-owners: do not ever spend money on a cat bed. get a costco membership instead and bring home the occasional large box. they sleep in it, they chew on it, they scratch it; when it gets ratty, you can just recycle it and get a new one next time you go to costco!

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kidletsmum said...

bennie and foofer are mad about shoe boxes. actually, bennie is a bit more fanatical about them that the foo. she spends all her sleeping time in one of three places-- a shoebox (there are several scattered around our apartment for this purpose), the bathtub, or the toy barn that Selinda and Michelle bought at IKEA for Imo. one day Imo might get her barn back...