Saturday, August 05, 2006

the l-ah!-ng weekend

this coming monday is civic holiday here in ontario.
that means we don't have to work on monday!

and this weekend was not our weekend to work, which means that we both had friday, saturday, and sunday off.

which means we got a four-day weekend!


we took advantage of the time off to go to the toronto zoo. it was a nice time! m and i both agreed that the pygmy hippopotamus was our favourite animal this time around. but the mandrill was also quite remarkable. one of them was right up against the glass, and he had his left hand splayed out on the window, and all the kids coming by the exhibit put their hands up against his. the mandrill had surprisingly small hands...

the above photo demonstrates another high point of the weekend so far - the lemur is now big enough to help m hold her coffee! and the lemur isn't even born yet! go lemur! (and don't worry all you pregnancy health-nuts out there - it's decaf! swiss water even!)

so perhaps this, too, is what you have to look forward to at 24 weeks!


christinab said...

I can't decide which is cuter:
the Lemurrific Coffee Table
the skull and crossbones boxers.

It's a TIE! Double Super-Cute points for M and Lemur ;-)

kidletsmum said...

m is adorable with her decaf on her belly. i never did use mine for such things. maybe next time. not that there's a next time planned yet!