Friday, August 11, 2006

needlestuff showcase, part deux

m's 12-mo sweater for the lemur:

ru's 24-mo sweater for the lemur:
ru's cotton blanket for the lemur:

a fuzzy close-up of the blanket's stitch pattern:


kidletsmum said...

I love the sweaters! They are so cute! I want to learn how to knit one tooo!!!!

ru said...

hey kjb. m here.

the baby sweaters are SUPER easy. you could definitely master them. and the hats are even easier. all you need to know how to do for the hats is to knit and to knit two together.

let me know if you are interested in the patters, and if you are, we'll send them along with immy's b-day present.

kidletsmum said...

i would love the patterns! wow! that would be great!!! then i'll have to find the time... lol!!!

MadJenny said...

The sweaters are super cute. And the colours are all fantastic! Yay you guys!