Friday, August 11, 2006

needlestuff showcase, part one

three little hats for three little babies, born today!

hat a:
hat b:
hat c:

go, m, go, knitting three hats in a week!


kidletsmum said...

Wow, knitting three hats in one week is almost as impressive as delivering three babies at one time! Almost...
I must learn how to knit hats as well. Im has none for this winter. I MUST learn!!!

MadJenny said...

So - giving the lemur a hat for Christmas might not be the best idea huh?

Again, love the colours.

ru said...

so far the lemur only has 1 hat - in black. therefore, feel free to knit it a hat. it will be going to quebec in december. it will NEED a hat.
these hats are soon to be on the heads of triplets in maryland.