Tuesday, August 15, 2006


home from work with a migraine.
thought i might make myself feel better a bit by changing my blog template to a blue background, because the black has been feeling a little... well, black.
and i have been in a very good mood recently.

so i read the warning that all of my "customizations" would be changed if i assigned the new template.

and i really did have a brief moment where i thought "you know, i'll bet that applies to all my links." and i didn't even have a subsequent thought that said "nah... i'm sure it will be fine..."

i just hit "okay."

which is never ever ever okay!

so, i will do my best to get the links back up and, well, linked, in the next few days!

and to top it all off, i am not even sure what i think about the blue!


MadJenny said...

I like the blue. But I also liked the black. One neat trick that you might use next time is to copy the code for your current template into a wordpad file. Then you can either copy and paste the links or go back to your old template.

Of course that doesn't help now. Maybe for next time.

But anyway, I think it looks good now. I definitely like the blue.

ru said...

m here.
i agree with mad jenny. the blue is definitely better than the black. much less sombre and more indicative of our current near-baby state of happiness.
i say keep the blue, and, using mad jenny's instructions, change it back to black on or near november 27th!

kidletsmum said...

i like the blue! i need to update my links. i still don't have madjenny's blog listed on my blog. i have been lazy. maybe we'll end up adding our links at the same time... ooooo...
i'm sleep deprived. and i want cake.