Wednesday, August 23, 2006

thank you note

my mom (m'amie) sends the best darn care packages in the world! she sent us some taggies stuff (because it is hard to find in canada right now...). it is pictured below. look at all those tags! as a child who loved tags (stick your fingers in them, rub them, love them!), i cannot wait until my child gets to play with ALL THOSE TAGS! in fact, i am really a little jealous. kids these days get the coolest stuff...

m'amie also sent a christmas story book (cloth, with an angel in a pocket) and a "god bless baby" cross that we have now hung next to the door.

thanks m'amie! you're the best m'amie in the world!

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kidletsmum said...

Imo LOVES taggies! In fact, I think we have the same little taggie square that you have. I hope your li'l sweetie loves them as much as mine does!!!