Tuesday, September 12, 2006

everyone loves a gay uncle!

yesterday was a good mail day!
m and i received a box from m's mom, full of stuff from the shower in shannon (more on that later. i have not forgotten the photos of the weekend; i just haven't done it yet!).
we also received a ups box from d&b in LA.
here you see "hamish the gay pride hedgehog" modeling a pair of dolce & gabana baby booties:

what more could a baby want or need?!


kidletsmum said...

Great booties! Hamish the Gay Pride Hedgehog... interesting... is he Scottish? I met a Highland Cow (heilan coo) named Hamish once. That's the only Hamish I "know".

Still waiting for those pics from Shannon...

MadJenny said...

Well, I suppose this will ensure that the Lemur won't follow in your footsteps wearing ugly shoes on a date... (see several posts back)

The booties are cute!

And the hedgehog. I'm not sure if it is cute or a bit scary looking. BUT, it has a fantastic name!

ru said...

we swear that the hedgehog is really cute. really.

it is the touch and cuddle hedgehog from Fisher-Price. you'll definitely have to check it out. it has crinkly feet and a tummy that rattles. very cool, we swear.

christinab said...

SUPER cute!

LOVE D&G and Hamish! Those world-traveling L.A. boys have some style! SO looking forward to Lemur pics mugging his / her fashion-forward infancy :-)

False Prophet said...

That thing is awesome. :-)