Saturday, September 23, 2006

miss me?

so it's been awhile, eh?
what can i say.
i got busy!

so tiff is over for another year.
(that's toronto international film festival for those of you not in the know...)

it was a great year in terms of getting close enough to spit at famous people and seeing some fine fine films.

here is what i saw:

fido (clip here)
everything's gone green (clip here)
jade warrior (trailer here)

and here is who i could have spit on, had i chosen to, if i were a spitting-upon-celebrities kind of person:

from fido -
carrie-anne moss (you know her. the one from the matrix. yeah, that one!)
billy connolly (you know him. the teacher from head of the class.)
henry czerny (you know him. you saw him on csi reruns on spike tv.)
dylan baker (you think you don't know him. but you do. he's been in everything.)

from everything's gone green -
paulo costanzo (the nephew from joey. he turned up in the bar we were having a beer in after the movie. we got to talk to him. e even got to sort of do a little dance with him.)
douglas coupland (hello! generation x anyone?)
steph song (she was at the bar too. she is from saskatchewan. who knew?)
jr bourne (you know him too. and if you don't you should. who wouldn't want to know someone who was in hellwolf: you will be eaten alive (which is just the philippines english title of ginger snaps back: the beginning, which is just too delightful for words!))

and as for jade warrior. well, i saw no famous people there. it was not a premiere (well, it had been, but i did not see it on the first night). and it was in finnish and mandarin. the finns did not come to canada - too warm. as for the chinese, well, i don't know where they were. but it was a cool movie. and e bought sour patch kids, which made up for the fact that we did not get to even contemplate spitting on anyone. oh, and even though they were not in any of the movies we saw, i also managed to get within spitting distance of michael moore and george stroumboulopoulos (you might not believe me, but i spelled his name right on the first try!).

it was a good tiff. next year i am hoping for even more goodness. i like movies. i should watch more!

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False Prophet said...

Jade Warrior sounds awesome! I definitely need to check it out.