Thursday, September 14, 2006

our husbands are jealous

the lovely staff at work gave us a gift certificate to pottery barn for the lemur. so last sunday m and i went out to the big pottery barn kids to spend it. i mean really, we couldn't possible wait.

here it is. a lovely brown and blue diaper bag. an excellent and extravagant diaper bag that we never would have bought otherwise. but we sure do love it. it even converts to a backpack!

eat your hearts out, non-existant husbands...


MadJenny said...

Hell - I'm jealous, and I'm neither pregnant nor a husband. It is a lovely bag.

I've been thinking about your Shannon family this weekend. I hope that everything is getting better. Keep us informed.

kidletsmum said...

A very lovely bag indeed! I'm jealous. And I have a husband. He too, is jealous. No way would he pay the price for one of those bags though! Mr. Cheapo!!!