Sunday, October 29, 2006

entering the home stretch

we are in the home stretch. m has six days left of work. this weekend, we packed the hospital bags. the one on top is the lemur's new mec duffle bag. the one underneath is m's heys that we bought to go to the netherlands this past spring. there they sit.

waiting for the moment. lacking only a few minor things. those things being, according to the various and sundry lists from which we are working:

- kleenex (we don't own kleenex; we never buy kleenex; we blow our noses on toilet paper)
- music (this will be taken care of, no worries)
- personal focal point (would anyone like to volunteer to be this? because i would rather not be)
- own pillows (if m didn't need every pillow in the house to sleep, we would have those stacked up, too)
- camera (obviously, if i pack it, i cannot take exciting photos like the one above)
- phone list (i need to make this; it is up there on the list with "wash curtains before mother-in-law comes to visit")
- lip balm (we are trying to decide which brand is best-suited to hospital use; you think i'm kidding?)
- paper and pencil (i usually have these on me; which means i will forget them)
- long distance calling card (costco, baby!)

we do, however, have gatorade, which means we can probably do without the rest, wouldn't you say?

and then there is this:

the car is now totally baby-friendly! i spent two and a half hours (that's 180 minutes of my precious time, people!) waiting in line for a spot in the truck bay at the richmond hill fire station where the st john's ambulance people were doing a car seat clinic. i had installed it (with m's gracious assistance) on friday. i am too proud to let them put it in for me, but i am not too proud to have someone tell me i have done it wrong. apparently, i was good with the seat, but the nice man told me that everyone in the car was at risk from all the coffee cups on the floor in the back seat (projectiles in a crash and all). now, i have seen mythbusters. they could not confirm the myth of the "kleenex box of death." however, better safe than sorry - so you will see that there are no tim hortons cups or munch'ems wrappers behind that seat now! (yes, i had piled all the trash under the car seat. i thought it made it harder to see.)

and m and i installed our digital cable box yesterday (after a very traumatic game of goose chase with the rogers people), so now we have digital cable and timeshifting and access to the free on demand nfl network (hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!).

see you in 5 months!


kidletsmum said...

I wanna be on that calling list!!!!

ru said...

for that, my dear, we would need your phone number!

kidletsmum said...

dh'o! i'll email it to you right away!!!

B. Walthrop said...

R and M,

Just remember that the smell of a newborn makes all the messiness of its arrival worth it. Anxious to know if I am an aunt or an uncle.