Friday, October 06, 2006

i finally heard the new scissor sisters song on the radio last night on the way home from our first prenatal class at prenatal plus up in newmarket.

i love it! so fun!!

i was dancing wildly (yes, while driving - this should surpise no one) and whacked my hand on the little plastic pouch up on the ceiling of the car.

that's totally what my week was like, too.

bashed my left arm on the doorframe to our bedroom. huge bruise.

smashed my right hand on a book cart at work coming into the workroom from the library stacks. smaller bruise, but still impressive.

and then, to top it all off, there was prenatal class.

there was a video.

we were warned that a woman would be giving birth in the video. now, it is a little horrifying, but i was prepared to see the baby crowning. but what d, our instructor, did not tell us was that we would also get to see the afterbirth.

really, when you are not ready for it and have never seen one before, a placenta is a most horrifying thing.


there are two other hard things about prenatal class so far. first, the videos are hard to watch. they are mostly good, very informative, and generally helpful. however, they are also filmed in the 80s and 90s and chock full of unfortunately-clad people. all throughout the video yesterday, i head friend d's voice in the back of my head: oh look! there's ghastly-over-made-up woman in labour! and here, poster child for teenage mothers is taking a walk with a pouf of hair wearing red parachute pants!

it tends to make it hard to concentrate!

and the second hard thing about prenatal class is being the only "spouse" who is not a man. so when we break into groups to do separate activities, i feel a little conspicuous!

finally, check out the post on from the basement of the transept that is titled with a mae west quotation. a most thorough and well-reasoned argument, i think (and not just because of how it pertains to me personally). that b. walthrop is a smarty-pants.

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