Friday, October 20, 2006

post-funeral shenanigans

m's grampy died a week ago and we were in quebec for the wake and funeral. now that we are back in thornhill, what better way to spend a friday afternoon than by getting a belly cast of the lemur's temporary home?

here is what m looked like before we slathered her with plaster:

and here's what she looked like after:

after two hours of being covered in plaster, we have two beautiful casts of m's big lemur belly. stay tuned for pictures of the hardened casts and then the decoration of said casts. we'll for sure take pictures of the lemur with its temporary home once it comes into the world, too! perhaps even a photo of the lemur in its belly "bowl!"

1 comment:

MadJenny said...

m is too cute for words in her little outfit.

So I was thinking that if you put some lettuce or a cabbage into the bellycast bowl before sticking the lemur you could turn it into one of those terrifying Anne Geddes pictures. give it out for halloween... just a thought.

glad to hear you made it to and from Quebec safely. I was a little worried about the travelling.