Sunday, October 01, 2006


our friends held a surprise (for m) baby shower for the lemur at l's house last night. m had no idea, until about 4pm - and even then, didn't really realize what was going on until we pulled up across from l's house and she saw cars belonging to coworkers who should not have been attending a knitting get-together.

the party had great friends, great food, and of course great presents for the lemur! here are some pics of who was there - one showing j, j, e, j, and j watching us open presents, and another with c, c, k, j, s, and a watching us, well, open presents.

opening presents was super fun. everything was lovely. although, opening presents can apparently cause you to temporarily go insane. does anyone have any idea of what we were doing in this picture?

we had a wonderful time. so wonderful, if fact, that we did not get home until quarter to 1. am. from a baby shower. who knew!? a big thanks to l, c, and a for opening their home to us all for this great party. and thanks to everyone who came and made it so special. love you all!

you can also read more about our shower and see more pics at mad jenny flint's mad tales. thank you j!


kidletsmum said...

What fun! That L is wonderful at surprise baby showers! I wish I could have been there. You're two fabulous mommies-to-be!

amanda said...

another missed shower! Wish I could have been there :)

B. Walthrop said...
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B. Walthrop said...

penquin sent me your link, and it is good to see that you, m, and the lemur appear to be doing well. you have inspired me to publish my own rambling musings, and you can view them at:

librariana said...

we need to find more excuses to party - come to think of it, we still need to have that wine and cheese thingie. you know, the contest with the progressively declining quality of cheese...

ru said...

hey, walthrop!
added you to the "folks" links list.
good to see you on the blogosphere!

ru said...

ah, yes, the wine and cheese.
rather, the progressive wine and cheese.

must do that.

but first, another session of "librarians kick it!"