Wednesday, November 01, 2006

anatomy of a teddy?

we received a phone call from d the other day. he had sent a package, and it had not arrived yet. because all of us are rather the impatient sort, d wanted to know if we wanted to know what was in the box. we, of course, said yes. so d told us that a classic teddy was on its way to the lemur's little hands.

m and i were very excited when i went to pick up what turned out to be d's package on tuesday. we opened it. inside was a brown paper bag with some tissue paper in it. and wrapped up in the tissue paper was...

a bear? look at that little face! no bear that! classic? that i will give you. but bear? no! i mean, he has opposable thumbs!

we called d and asked him if perhaps someone was playing some sort of bizarre joke on him. he said no and insisted that he had sent us a bear! we debated this to much delight, and he finally capitulated when i sent him photos. in honour of his auspicious beginnings with our family, we have named the monkey "teddy."

below is a photo of me with teddy, who is wearing the lovely egyptian cotton sleep sack that d also sent in his package. we are practicing the mama-and-lemur nfl-watching pose.


kidletsmum said...

That's some bear.
The Turkish word for monkey is Maymun. D is a Maymun for thinking that creature was a bear!
But it's darned cute!

MadJenny said...

The "mama-and-lemur nfl-watching pose" looks soooo comfy!

That is some Teddy. He looks lovely and soft.

Have you set the exeraucer up yet? I'm super excited to see that thing in action.

ru said...

nope, no exersaucer up yet. the kitties are loving the box, though. i figured that set-up could be one of my projects next week.... since i'll be off work!