Wednesday, November 15, 2006

belly cast number 1

our friend d (the one who did the lovely belly casts for us) took one of the casts home to decorate. she took the one without the hand, and said she had a great idea for what she wanted to decorate the belly cast with. she told m what her idea was, but wouldn't tell me.

she delivered it to us last week, and it's amazing. beyond either of our wildest imaginations, really. here's what it looks like -

d thinks that it is hysterical that i like the same type of books as her young son j. so she decorated the cast with a character from the manga series InuYasha. j was apparently worried that the character was wearing the wrong colour shirt, but we assured d that it didn't matter. the background is an amazing blue sky, and there are lovely pink cherry blossoms pointed across m's bosom area.

we love it. thanks d! for any of you that live close to us and haven't been by to see it, you really must. it is even more amazing in person.

now m and i just have to get the materials to decorate the other cast before the lemur arrives.


Anonymous said...

Julia just sent me your site - I love the pics of the growing lemur!! Please send me your phone number (I can also get from Julia) so we can be in touch :)
Love, Joy
home 905-895-8340
work 416-327-7053

Anonymous said...

Who knew d. was such an artist! It turned out gorgeous!