Monday, November 13, 2006

it's the most wonderful time of the year

believe it or not, we had our first holiday party of the season yesterday. our friend a, seen here stringing lights on her tree, likes to put up her holday decorations the day after remembrance day. so she had a tree-trimming party last night!

jg cooked us a very yummy chicken tikka masala (doesn't that just scream christmas to you??) he also provided us with great entertainment by playing his guitar. he played both holiday and non-holiday music. and also some really bad christmas music. but it was super fun. here he is, being all emo.

i made a really tasty williams sonoma smores bundt cake with help from m. here's a picture of me trying to get marshmallow cream off the electric beaters while j looks on.

and last but not least, j was there too. she was on the floor, being chilled. which is odd, because it was wicked warm at a's house. but i suppose that there is no accounting for some people's body temperature. i don't know what she is doing in this photo. perhaps conducting some of the christmas carols?

there are no pictures of m, but she was there! she was taking these pictures. she is still pregnant, no sign of the lemur yet. but she sure is huge. in that good, i'm-about-to-have-a-baby kind of way. she was hoping that the spicy chicken tikka masala might bring on labour, but no dice just yet.


kidletsmum said...

it's not the most wonderful time if you're me and wishing terribly that you could have been at a's ridiculously early tree-trimming party. nope. then it's the worst. missing your pals sucks. i miss you guess. and i'm pre-emptively missing the lemur too.

ru said...

we miss you too!
to be honest, we wish you were here all the time. there are some permanent YS positions open right now, you know :)
and your nursing and parenting experience would definitely be more accessible if you weren't halfway around the world!

False Prophet said...

I wish you wouldn't refer to me and emo in the same sentence. First of all, I think I'd need black nail polish, mascara, and to drop about 100 pounds. ;-)