Saturday, November 11, 2006

m's husband is an a**hole

today m went shopping with her cousin c while i was at work.

m and her cousin c look nothing alike. she is short and dark haired. he is very tall and blond. all day, people just assumed that they were a couple.

this all came to a head when they went into gymboree to pick out an outfit for the lemur. l had generously given us a 30% off coupon (thanks l!!) that needed to be used by tomorrow, so they thought that there was no time like the present.

a couple struck up a conversation with them in line, telling them how wonderful it would be to be new parents. then, the man asked c where m was having the baby. c is from montreal. he has no idea where we are having the baby. so c turned to m and said "honey, where is it that we are having the baby again?" c told the man he couldn't remember, because m has been going to all of her appointments by herself.

so somewhere out there, there is a couple that thinks that c is the worst husband in the whole wide world, one who can't even be bothered to know where his own baby is being born. no wonder he didn't get a nice diaper bag :)

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