Sunday, November 26, 2006

officially finished

the christmas shopping, that is. not the pregnancy.

m and i are officially done all of our christmas shopping. on top of that, nearly everything that has been purchased has been wrapped and labeled. there are still a few crafted gifts that need to be completed by m, but only one is urgent, as it needs to be mailed. and barring labour it should be done tomorrow.

we have a box of gifts to be sent to dallas -

a box of gifts to be sent to dc -

and a big rubbermaid of gifts to take to shannon with us -

we also have gifts purchased and wrapped for our local friends, but i neglected to take a picture of those. sorry!

now, we need a present. we need for the lemur to come. for all of you keeping track, m's due date is tomorrow. and she is still pregnant. we will be sure to update you all should anything exciting happen, i promise.


kidletsmum said...

You are my Christmas heros!!! I don't know how I'll do any wrapping now.
But I need to buy all my gifts in order to wrap first!!!

ru said...

it's good to have heroes.
you should move back to canada.
i would gladly wrap your gifts for you.

and m says that YOU are HER hero, because your baby in on the outside.

so there!

librariana said...

Don't feel badly kidletsmum, I have not done my shopping yet!

Joy said...

Hope all is going well. I will be in touch.