Sunday, November 19, 2006

practice makes perfect

m here, hijacking the blog for today.

last night, r and i along with a, j, j, and g went over to l and c's house to play with Baby K, eat chinese food, and watch some hockey. it was a great time!

r was practicing her baby-holding skills on Baby K. r really, really likes Baby K. in fact, i think that if we were not having a lemur of our very own, r would likely "borrow" Baby K on a regular basis just so she could hold her while watching various sporting events.

here are r and a very relaxed Baby K trying to figure out why in the heck the habs aren't scoring.

and here, a little later, are r and Baby K seeming a little surer of the whole hockey thing. but really, they'd rather be watching football.

watching r with Baby K makes me feel much more comfortable about the fact that our first child is due in a week. i would not categorize myself as much of a baby person. i generally like babies once they are capable of holding up their own heads. until then, i find them a tad frightening. but r, she is a natural. i guess that after carrying this baby around for 40 weeks, i shouldn't feel too badly about passing it off to her for a while. at least during sporting events.


Anonymous said...

Stupid blogger. It ruined two attempts at commenting today.
I just wanted to tell ya that it's not as scary as you're anticipating, M. I was terrified, but managed to do all those baby tasks... newborns are scary creatures, but you can do it!

Come on Lemur!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear M.

Stupid blogger just deleted my first attempt at a comment too. Humph!

I think that you looked perfectly confident and capable(sp?) and wonderful holding baby K. too and that you are going to do just fine. Even if the Lemur proves wobbly in the first couple months.