Monday, November 06, 2006


just got back from the ultrasound appointment.

the lemur is head down!!! hooray!

we didn't get any pictures, unfortunately, but we are both very excited none the less. it looks like we have avoided a scheduled c-section.

unless that head is really as big as it looked on the screen....


librariana said...

Yippee! No C-section! (Mind you, I was relieved to have my C-section. The sound of my OB, who is this tiny 30 something blonde lady with excellent fashion sense, shouting at another mother down the hall to "Push! Harder! Harder! Harder! That's it. PUSH!!!" scared the f&*@ out of me. But, I do tend to run away from things - ie: drugs now, pain later.)

Why no ultrasound pictures??

ru said...

i don't know why no pictures. they didn't offer us any. and quite frankly, we were too excited about the lemur not being breech to think about it until the ultrasound guy had left the room.

m was very tempted to ask the sex of the lemur. the technician told us not to look at the screen because you could see.

MadJenny said...

Yay! Way to go Lemur staying where you're meant to stay!

kidletsmum said...

Hooray lemur! Breech is bad, head down is good. I can't wait til s/he makes his/her appearance!

(Isn't it fun being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, M???)