Friday, December 01, 2006

40 + 4

so we are here at 40 weeks 4 days.
it is m's birthday.
my birthday came and went at 40 weeks 1 day.


we are hoping for a solid eviction notice before monday.
this is why the lemur needs eviction:

lemur is trashing that house!

addendum: i am republishing this in hopes of bringing it to the top of the list, because melanie is afraid no one will see her belly with all the other crap i posted today on top!


kidletsmum said...

That is one HUGE belly M!!! That lemur has to leave it soon...
Here's hoping it's nice and quick... my friend C in Alberta had hers two weeks ago in two hours, start to finish... I'm wishing that for you too!!!

MadJenny said...

Oh M! That Lemur has just got to come out! Your poor bellybutton is almost out.

Plus, I saw a totally cute stuffed toy today that the Lemur fully needs to play with - so hurry up Lemur!