Thursday, December 14, 2006

and we have entered the second week!

today ecbcp took his first trip to the mall with all the other vaughan babies! we went to the promenade this afternoon, which was oddly and surprisingly quiet. ecbcp's oma bought his mommies a new microwave for their birthdays, and they are thrilled, because now they can go buy a microwave bottle sterilizer and stop their morning "little house on the prairie" ritual of boiling the bottles and nipples! oma got something pretty that we can't talk about until christmas, and the mommies picked out some pants, but had to put them on hold because this mommy (ru) forgot the gift card we were going to use to buy them.

now dinner is in the oven, the baby is relaxing after his 5:30 meal, and everyone is just sort of hanging out.

there are some photos going up today that are up by special request, so if you had a request, be sure to look! (though i think if you made it this far, you are likely to check out the photos by default...)

ignore ru - she looks terrible - but look at ecbcp making his moose head!

here is ecbcp, totally thrilled with little blue bear from m's uncle m

and here we are, dancing to the curious george soundtrack!


librariana said...

A microwave sterilizer will change your life!

MadJenny said...

I don't think you look bad.

Also - his little moose ears are precious, and you look delightful dancing together.

kidletsmum said...

I love the moose ears!!!

BabySpice said...

You look great Ru with the baby!

The microwave sterilizer is Fab!

Yeah Yeah Yeah for the Mommies!

Love Baby Spice and Family