Monday, December 11, 2006

another day of firsts...

first bath at home.

first christmas card signing session.

first time in sling (he seemed to like it).

first cuddle with oma.

first official trip to the library (inside the library, that is). no pictures of that one. you cannot take pictures inside the library without permission from the ceo, and she was not in today!

he also got a visit from f and was held by numerous excited colleagues at the library!


MadJenny said...

The colleagues at the other library are all anticipation about your proposed Wednesday visit. I will not be there (alas - although it will be because I will be buying French books, so yay!) but everyone else is super excited.

He just gets cuter in each picture.

I do agree with whoever said we need an R. with baby pic though.

And also, you are putting me to shame doing Christmas cards at this point, when I haven't gotten off the mark to do them and I have next to know responsibilities...

So glad everything is going so well.

kidletsmum said...

I can't wait to see:
1--a pic of R and the lemur
2--the "My First Trip to Turkey" photo... I wanna mee him!!!

As for the photo-library issue... A.G. told me that it mostly only refers to the public. She told me that I could take photos any time I liked. Maybe it's changed though...

ru said...

i am sure that had we wanted to take a photo of him borrowing a board book, no one would have raised a fuss!

however, the other makes a better story!

(that and we had lingered too long and he was starting to get fussy, so we didn't really have time to find a book for him to borrow.

perhaps on wednesday!