Friday, December 01, 2006


and finally, we have new art in our room.
we had bought a couple of prints in rothenberg, germany and finally had them framed.
now they are hanging above our bed, in their fresh, double black-blue/grey frames.
if you know anyone who needs framing done, and you live in the gta, go to ken's in richmond hill, on yonge street, between carrville/16th and major mackenzie - ken's is the best.

also, something like fourteen years ago (not really, hyperbolically), i bought an awesome painting called "Iron Man vs Agrophobia" from a high school friend, tim doyle. it has been hanging in my room since i received it, and i promised tim pictures. however, my room has been a wreck since i got the painting as well. and since the baby is on the way, and we finally got some cleaning done, here are the promised photos, finally.

this wall is the one opposite the wall behind the bed above.

i apologize for the crappy quality of the second photo. stupid flash. oh well.

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kidletsmum said...

Such lovely art! I am in the process of buying four new drawings from an artiste extraordinaire in Winnipeg... then they'll be shipped here. Sadly though, we are nowhere near Ken's and won't be able to use his framing services. Pout, pout, pout.