Wednesday, December 20, 2006

back in the saddle!

made it to quebec with no problems.
baby was good.
a quick rundown of tuesday:

- baby had appointment with midwife kb
- baby weighed in at 9lbs 5oz
- baby gained one pound in one week (just over twice the average!)
- baby rode in car like a champ all the way to quebec city
- baby lost his umbilical stump (in all its icky baconesque glory) at exit 243
- ru threw stump out of car window into snow (we are not sentimental about rotten body parts - no storing it for all time in a pill bottle for us!) (you know who you are...)

today ecbcp met his great-granny for the first time and got lots of love and kisses from family and friends, all of whom are thrilled to have him in town. here is a selection:

ecbcp with opa

ecbcp with cn, rn

ecbcp with skecbcp with the mama

and this really is how he sleeps
(dreaming louis lamour dreams, apparently!)


kidletsmum said...

Cute as ever! Glad you guys made it to Quebec safe and sound.

Someone seriously saved the stump in a pill bottle??? Why???

ru said...

like i said, sentimental... this is the same person we almost saved his cord clamp for - she has her son's on her key chain (said son will be 16 in february), and we thought about putting ecbcp's in her stocking!

False Prophet said...

Glad you had a good trip! And that ECBCP was a trooper for the duration. Loved the Louis Lamour dreams line...

Heh--my mother saved mine too, in my baby book. It's probably still around. I don't know why people do these things either--when I cut my long hair 10 years ago, they asked me if I wanted to save it, and I said, "why?"