Sunday, December 10, 2006

bet you can't guess what this post is about!

ecbcp had a great first night at home last night! m is still not really able to sleep lying down, so she is out on the couch for bedtime still. that means that me and ecbcp are alone in the bedroom - me in my bed (it is no longer our bed; i have begun to sleep across the width of the bed, and i have stolen m's pillow!) and ecbcp in his bassinette (which is really just a play-yard with the bottom pulled up a bit). so whenever ecbcp woke up, in we went to m, because i knew she was feeling sad about being in a different room as the baby.

why, you might ask, do i not just move the play-yard into the living room?

well, that would be because the shelving unit that we have in the front foyer of our apartment effectively blocks me from rolling the yard easily into the living room. and i don't want to have to lift it in order to get it by. because though i am a new mom, i am still fundamentally a lazy slob! (don't worry - all those essential things that make me me are still the same!)

so, anyway. a good night. followed by a great day! we hung around at home and watched some food network. ate some breakfast. at some lunch. took showers. passed the baby back and forth. went to toys 'r' us for a little medela breast pump (because, wonder of wonders, it would appear that m has milk coming in, in total contravention of what we thought her body was going to do!).

there it is, the breast milk!
[for those who are in the know, this milk was so spontaneous that is was not actually expressed using the pump. we bought the pump after m managed to express this by hand.]

went to the library to drop off books in the drop box, but we waited to go in to see people until a week day, because sundays are just too crazy, and we want everyone to be able to pay sufficient attention to our baby!

here is ecbcp, dressed for the library:

came home, librarian auntie j came over. newmarket friend b came over, bringing with him a box of homemade loveliness that saw us through dinner tonight, and will likely feed us all for three weeks more!

the night is not over, but i don't anticipate anything truly exciting going on. but then, maybe i should, so as to keep it from happening!

here are some final photos from today!

check out the shirt! (i know, mom, he might not grow up to like rock 'n' roll, but while i control what he wears, a rock star he will dream of being!)

here is the pale mama feeding her not-so-pale son

and here he is, disco dan!
i wonder how long i will do posts like this until i get tres bored of it? i wonder if you will get tres bored of it before i do?


kidletsmum said...

He's so tiny and so cute! The Kidlet had a RockStar shirt too. Loved it. Love it on the Lemur too!!!

BabySpice said...

Hello M and Ru

M you look great! and ECBCP too!

We need a pic of Ru and baby.

I showed Baby Spice ECBCP's pic and all she wanted to do was eat the computer mouse, thing you get to look forward too!

I should ask my hubby if we would change our daughter's name to Baby Spice? Hahaha

MadJenny said...

I love love love the disco pose. Little dancer. Next thing you know he'll be out there copying S. on the Irish dance floor!