Wednesday, December 27, 2006

catching up to christmas

hi all.

we know that we have not posted in a while, and are very sorry. life in shannon is rather hectic. we have been going from m's parent's place to her granny's to her aunt's and back again with great frequency, and haven't had much time to post.

i really don't have much time to post now, to be honest. ecbcp is having one of his coliky evenings, and so we're all tired and cranky. but i wanted to take a minute to post a few pictures from christmas so that everyone could see.

santa was very good to us all... ecbcp had no idea what was going on, of course, but it was still a lot of fun unwrapping his gifts too.

here m and aunt d help ecbcp unwrap his grey sheep luke. m is wearing her christmas pjs from a and j.

and here i am in my christmas pjs from a and j, with ecbcp in his holiday pjs too!

we also had an absolutely excellent christmas dinner. ecbcp has won us the turkey in the shannon cwl christmas tree party draw, and boy was it ever good. here i am with ecbcp (9lbs, 5oz) with his turkey (18lbs.)


librariana said...

It looks like you had a lovely Christmas! I'm sorry to hear about the colic!

Hedrey said...

I LOVE THE TURKEY/BABY picture!! ahha it is so funny! i am glad you had a busy but great christmas!!

Joy said...

Hi guys and greetings of the season!
It looks like you folks are having a restful and food filled time in la belle province!
We are off to the Rose Bowl parade tomorrow morning so I will miss the next few posts.
I must say, I was in love with those pyjamas! So cool.
Love, Joy

False Prophet said...

Glad you all had a happy Xmas! Hope little E feels better soon.

MadJenny said...

Sorry about the colicky thing.

But the Turkey bit shows that ECBCP is following in his mommies' shoes and showing a flare for comic genius.

Hedrey said...

Hey thx for liking my logo, i purposely (spelling?) made the person behind the woman gender neutral! =)