Sunday, December 03, 2006

comics anyone?

here is a comic i drew for the library newsletter. it is kicking off in the new year, from the social team (of which i am a member), and i volunteered to do a comic for each issue. the incident in the comic did occur, but to e, when she was still a part of the ranks that worked desk reguarly.

i know there are some of you out there who want to know what happened to the "real" casual librarian. let us just say it is on hiatus for an indeterminate amount of time. though i am thinking of doing some stuff while on leave with this baby. and when i say "this baby" i am still assuming that the lemur will at some point be living on the outside.

but, in the meantime, for those who need a fix:


kidletsmum said...

Oh, Casual Librarian, how I miss thee!
Great one, as usual R!

MadJenny said...

That is a great one. I can't wait to see the Lemur as depicted C.L. style.

False Prophet said...

Don't tell e that she no longer deals with the public! We're so short-staffed she's still on desk half the time.

I concur--bring back CL!