Saturday, December 09, 2006

day three and home

so we were blessed with a good hospital stay and no problems, so we were allowed to come home this afternoon (at least one day sooner than we were really hoping they would let us come home, but we were both more than ready to come...). the lemur is adjusting to life at home well. he eats, he sleeps, he voids, and he allows himself to be sniffed by the cats. right now he is sleeping on my lap while i type this up. he is a very agreeable young man, really.

he enjoyed showing off his dinosaur receiving blanket this morning, and performed well for both the midwives and the nursing staff.

before the pictures, and as an aside, i would just like to get on the record that the baby unit (both labour/delivery and postpartum) nursing staff at southlake regional health centre in newmarket, ontario is without fail totally outstanding. we could not have asked for better support during a difficult labour and birth and the subsequent pain and confusion.

and while we are on the topic of support staff, it would be remiss of me to not mention in the glowingest terms possible the midwives of york region, in particular kb and hc (which is not to say that sw and rmm were not hugely helpful as well). but kb was our coordinating midwife, and she inspires an outstanding level of confidence with her attention, compassion, understanding, and her capacity to provide endless information that allowed us to make decisions that were both right and informed. and hc, if you treat all your future clients the way you treated us as a midwifery student, you will enjoy astounding success (and perhaps more friends than you know what to do with!). thank you and thank you and thank you. and thank you again, because really i will never be able to express how much we appreciate your participation in this moment in our lives.

okay, now on to the pictures...

mommy and son

cutest. baby. ever.

ecbcp comes home in b&w

ecbcp with his blanket from granny


kidletsmum said...

Oh, he's just gorgeous! I'm glad that everything went so well, if not smoothly, for you. ECBCP, who I think I'll continue to call the lemur online, is amazing. I can't wait to meet him. But that's a ways off... til then, I can't wait to see lots and lots of updates!

kidletsmum said...

Back again to say that I'm a wee bit jealous that your son has more hair than my daughter. Do you suppose he'd be willing to share???

BabySpice said...

Hello Ru and M,

The pics are so cute! I can not wait until ECBCP see my little baby spice. She would be his 5th cousin.

Enjoy every minute with him and they change so quickly.

BabySpice said...

Can ECBCP donate some hair to baby spice???