Saturday, December 16, 2006

fun fun friday!

this morning e had us over for brunch, as well as l and baby k. it was a fun time to get together, and surprisingly enough, we did not even talk shop the whole time! e is a fantastic cook - she made quiche and salad and peameal bacon, as well as offering little tasty danishes, coffee, bellinis, and juice. i am going to go to e's for breakfast every weekend! also e made ecbcp a lovely crocheted blanket, and i will post photos of that later.

auntie e with ecbcp

l with baby k

after that m and i made a quick run to the scrapbooking store to spend some of the bounteous christmas and birthday money that is flying around our place these days.

then we went to stardust and got our hairs done by c. we had gone in october, and we had told her we would be back in after the baby was born for our pre-holiday cuts. but our hair just got longer and longer and longer, as the baby continued to bake in utero! so, now, finally we have a baby! and finally we have haircuts (don't have pictures of them yet - will post those later).

c with ecbcp
then, as you can see from m's post last night, we entered the twilight, the witching hour. i would say the gloaming, but i think "gloaming" is a positive time, and last night was certainly not my best hour! poor baby. he was inconsolable, and as a result, after awhile, so was i. but a little sleep goes a long way.

a sweet little picture to help us all remember that we love the baby, even when things are hard!

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kidletsmum said...

You are all so gorgeous! E, Baby K, L... and of course the lemur!!!

I am missing you all so much right now that I'm crying.

You are the greatest!!!